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The BIGGER Picture

Check in regularly for resources to educational tools that we can 

all use, regardless of age. Leave us a comment & let us know what you're doing to join us in our mission to protect our precious ecosystem.  

Under Water Springs in Florida's Nature Coast
Under Water Natural Springs

Setting the Bar

We are always amazed at how curious children 

are on our tours. We strive to educate them & instill 

values for conservation that they can carry with them for a lifetime. 

Under Water Natural Springs

Diving Deeper

Take a closer look at some of the research efforts being carried out both locally & globally to educate & protect the manatees. Manatee health (as well as the seagrass they feed on) are key indicators of the condition of our marine ecosystem. Taking steps to better manage our resources & decrease pollution can collectively play a major role in bettering the health of our planet for generations to come. 

Under Water Natural Springs
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