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At Manatees in Paradise, we are a small, family-owned company with a passion for wildlife & the environment! Founded in 2005 with a focus on safeguarding the dwindling manatee population, we feel honored to carry on with our work nearly 20 years later. Our goal has always been to bring you the very best in educational, animal friendly eco-tours.


It has never been our ambition to have the largest fleet of boats on the water. Instead we aim to have the smallest possible impact…which is why we only offer small tours & always practice passive observation. The ecosystem in our area waters is currently thriving thanks to decades of hard work & selfless dedication of so many. We strive to help the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge and associated agencies (FWRI, USGS, Sea2Shore, FWC) anyway we can. From lending a hand to rescue an injured manatee, reporting a sick animal, or helping with yearly refuge events…Some of these events can even be seen on our recent documentary with the BBC.


Every day we are amazed at the amount of nature we have here, both on land and in

our waters. Each of our highly trained staff are constantly assessing conditions to ensure our abundant wildlife & springs continue to thrive for generations to come. On any given day around King’s Bay, we will spot anything from osprey, otters, herons, bald eagles, tarpon, dolphins...and of course, our fabulous manatees! Spend a day away from the white sand beaches & experience Florida’s “Nature Coast” first hand!

All the best,

Manatees in Paradise

PS - Regardless of whether you book a tour with us, we kindly ask that you respect the manatees & their space…not crowd or prey on them. Any tour company promoting the touching of wild manatees at any time is not a responsible tour company and is truly part of an ongoing problem. We are proud to be 1 of only 2 in-water tour companies recommended by Save The Manatee Club as a Guardian Guide. We love snorkeling with the manatees, but always remain mindful not to interfere with their natural behavior. You can also see them very well from the boat, so whether in the water or out, it's truly a magical adventure! 



Chassachowitzka National Wildlife Refuge:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission: Manatee Viewing Guidelines: 

Florida Wildlife Research Institute 


Organizations Helping Manatees:

 (Donations accepted!!)

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute:

Wildtracks Conservation:

Save the Manatee Club: You can adopt your own manatee!

Carol Grant - Professional Photographer & Wildlife Conservationist:


manatee wildlife rescue
Snorkeling in Three Sisters Springs with manatees
Dolphins swimming in Kings Bay, Crystal River, Florida
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