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Giving back to our community, the environment and protecting wildlife is our goal. Everyday we are amazed at the amount of nature we have here, both on land and in our area waters. Any day on a quick boat ride around the bay, we will spot anything from otters, herons, bald eagles, alligators...and of course, our fabulous manatees. 

With growing populations and popularity, comes the inevitable...trash!  Whether disposed of on purpose or  by accident, excessive garbage ends up in our bays and waterways. Area birds suffer from entanglements and many die from ingesting fishhooks discarded with old bait. Our area manatees, the jewel of the county, also suffer.  Discarded fishing line, plastic bags, old ropes, deteriorating styrofoam docks, old crab trap lines & cages...All of these things can lead to injury or worse, death.  

At Manatees In Paradise, we strive  to help our Crystal River Refuge and other agencies (FWRI, USGS, Sea2Shore, FWC) anyway we can. From lending a hand to rescue an injured manatee, spotting a sick animal or helping with the yearly refuge events. Some of these events can even be seen on our local cable show, Florida Naturally, filmed and presented by Jeff Hall. 


Chassachowitzka National Wildlife Refuge:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission: Manatee Viewing Guidelines: 

Florida Wildlife Research Institute 


Organizations Helping Manatees:

 (Donations accepted!!)

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute:

Wildtracks Conservation:

Save the Manatee Club: You can adopt your own manatee!

Carol Grant - Professional Photographer & Wildlife Conservationist:


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