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Manatee tours in Crystal River, Florida!

Come along with us, Captains Stacy and Mike Dunn, for a manatee tour on the beautiful Crystal River aboard our comfortable pontoon boats.

At Manatees In Paradise, we offer you small, Educational, and scenic tours, all right here in exquisite Kings Bay. Our goal is to give people a personalized, private tour at reasonable rates. Our boats hold up to 6 so no crowding! Private tours can start at 7:00am, 8:00am or 9am, or 1:00 pm. Semi-private tours start at 8:00 AM.

We hope you will decide to join us here and see why we call Crystal River .... a paradise!!


We will be closed starting 2015 for the off season months of June, July, August and September. We have too few manatees and too many companies trying to see the same ones to be able to give you a quality tour in our opinion. Therefore, we are taking this time to enjoy our retirement. Contact Plantation Dive Center at

Ph: 352-795-5797.

Manatees in Paradise offers ... Manatee Tours

Captains Mike and Stacy Dunn.CaptManatee tour with Mike and Stacy

Stay warm! Manatee and calf



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Stay warm and dry on an Eco trip!Eco tour in Crystal River

Added 2nd boat for larger parties. Manatee tour sunset
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